A message from Tasplan about big changes to superannuation insurance coming in on July 1 that could affect you.

Everyday we hear stories about people who were happily going through life only to be struck down by illness or injury.  People with young children, mortgages or caring responsibilities who thought they had a secure income but suddenly find they are without that fortnightly pay when their personal leave runs out.

Nobody thinks about the insurance cover included with their superannuation until they need it but here’s a very important message – the insurance included as part of your superannuation is about to change significantly and you only have until 28 June to lock in your current levels of cover.

Tasplan member?

You may not realise that you have insurance through your Tasplan super. On July 1 there are changes happening with this insurance, and it’s important that you know about these, and how they might impact on you.
Changes happen in a few weeks’ time – so make sure you check.

There’s not much time left until these changes happen – so don’t delay finding out about your Super insurance, and if you need to take any action.

You can contact Tasplan on 1800 005 166 or email info@tasplan.com.au. You can also logon to Tasplan Online to read more.  https://online.tasplan.com.au/aol/index.html#Login

Even if you’re not in Tasplan, you may still be affected so find out more here

Why is insurance in Super important? Please click here for some examples.