TAFE Teachers Agreement

Our TAFE Executive and negotiating team have endorsed a "YES" vote for a new TasTAFE Teachers Agreement which opens for AEU-only member ballot starting on Thursday, 7 November. More details are below and resources on the right-hand panel of this web page. Member meetings are happening next week - click here for full details.

TAFE member update – new government offer

Here’s the highlights of the offer:

  • 2 year agreement
  • 2.3% per annum pay rises payable in March 2020 and 2021
  • Entry level for new teachers moved up a rung to Band 1 Level 2
  • Workload Review – review of teaching requirements that will involve modes of delivery, including direct teaching, indirect teaching and mixed mode delivery.
  • A new clause on Annual Planning
  • Professional Development clause that maintains the 100 hours per annum and provides 70 hours for professional development / return to industry and 30 hours for organisational training.
  • Correctional Facilities Allowance for teachers that undertake classes in prisons
  • Changing references to DOTT to Duties Related to Teaching
  • Award clause variations:
    • Teacher Under Supervision – fixed term appointment up to 12 months and ability to convert to permanency upon attainment of the full TAE and satisfactory performance. Workload relief for teachers who supervise assessments also.
    • Superannuation payable on workers compensation
    • Superannuation payable on unpaid parental leave
    • Increased paid parental leave from 14-16 weeks
    • Increased paid partner leave from 1-3 weeks

We will hold a series of member meetings on TAFE campuses across the state. AEU Reps will get briefed on the proposed Agreement so they can host the member meetings.

Member meetings will commence in the week beginning 4th November, with plans to hold meetings at Hobart (Campbell St), Clarence, Bender Drive Derwent Park, Drysdale, Launceston City, Alanvale, Burnie and Devonport.

We are confirming all meeting dates and times as I write, stay tuned for details.

The binding member ballot will open 4:00pm on Thursday 7 November.

This offer shows there is power in a union and presents a major opportunity to recruit your colleagues to join our AEU.

Only AEU members will be invited to member meetings and have the opportunity to vote in the ballot. It is our collective power as a union that has delivered an offer well above the government’s starting position.

Ask your colleagues to join now – there are forms available on our website you can print or you can simply send them this link to join online: https://aeutas.org.au/join/

TAFE and the AEU

The TAFE Division represents teachers, managers and support staff employees of TasTAFE, Trade Training Centres and LINC’s.

The AEU provides advocacy to members on individual issues, advice and representation at Tasmanian Industrial Commission (TIC) and negotiates your wages and conditions for workplace Agreements and Awards.

TAFE Division is just one part of the wider AEU, which is one of the largest union in Tasmania with over 6500 members working across all educational settings and one of the largest unions nationally.

There is a TAFE Organiser and other staff to provide membership advice on a range of issues such as workers’ compensation and retirement. The AEU is the only education union that can negotiate wages and conditions for teachers working in TAFE.

Your AEU is the union for TAFE Division employees. One union one voice.