AEU Support Staff

Support Staff members and the AEU are making a real difference to education outcomes, while improving support staff working conditions across the state.

Working with the AEU, support staff members have achieved:

  • Transition of Teacher Assistants onto the Tasmanian State Service Award, which includes substantial pay increases, including:
  • Teacher Assistant salary increased from $34 648, pro rata in 2007, to a salary range of $54 093 – $8322, pro rata in 2017.
  • Pay scales extended from three salary levels to five
  • Introduction of Toileting Allowance for Support Staff who are required, and agree, to undertake these roles.
  • Introduction of Specialised Health Care Allowance for Support Staff who choose to complete these duties.
  • TOIL days in lieu of Easter holidays lost in 2014, 2015 and 2017.
  • A new career path introduced through the Para-Professional program that includes free university training. These roles will come with a new title of Education Support Specialist with the first intake to be completed in 2017 and with a salary range of $60 753 – $65 780.
  • Implementation of a Teacher Assistant Transfer Agreement with clear guidelines as to how this is to be initiated and processed.
  • Option of annualised salary for Support Staff.
  • Negotiated option of working an extra three weeks to help address the issue of unpaid stand down.
  • DoE to pay for the first three years of Working with Vulnerable Children (WwVC) checks.
  • Interim new staffing formula to address Lab Tech workload issues whilst negotiations for new formula are finalised
  • The fully-funded School Business Manager Initiative for DoE staff to become university qualified.

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