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AEU Support Staff agreement update (17/5/19)

Support Staff/Education Support Personnel are NOT covered by the Teachers Agreement, they are covered by a different agreement called the PSUWA.

This has caused some confusion, but simply means that the recent offer from the Government/DoE does not directly affect support staff/Education Support Personnel and negotiations for the PSUWA that does cover support staff are continuing.

AEU negotiators, along with other unions who are covered by your PSUWA agreement, met with the government as recently as 17th May 2019.

All AEU members are backing support staff to get a fair deal through PSUWA negotiations – a deal that delivers fair wage increases and addresses the issues you face in your job.

While support staff are not covered by the Teachers Agreement and are not directly affected by the offer to those members, there are at least two bits of good news for support staff out of the new Teachers Agreement offer:

  • We have broken the Government’s 2% wage cap policy and the new offer features 8.5% wage increases for the majority of members covered by it, with a minimum of 7.5% over 3 years. We think this sets a good benchmark for public sector agreements still in negotiations, including the PSUWA. The new offer also backdates wage increases to the time when the previous increase was due, which is a good precedent for support staff who were due a wage increase on 1 December last year.
  • Possibly the biggest issue facing support staff is stand down for holidays. The new Teachers Agreement Offer contains a new Education Support Specialist classification that creates a pathway for support staff to apply for positions that recognise their qualifications and provide 52 weeks paid employment. While this opportunity will only be available to a certain number of support staff with appropriate qualifications, it’s a great first step in moving support staff over to the Teachers Agreement and reducing the number of members stood down for holidays.

Winning a good offer for DoE members on the Teachers Agreement helps us confidently continue negotiations on the PSUWA with a strong focus on addressing support staff issues such as increased Toileting and Medical Procedures Allowances for Teacher Assistants, TOIL days in lieu of public holidays and an improved staffing allocation formula for Laboratory Technicians.

At the recent AEU Reps conference the message was loud and clear – we need to continue the campaign and back our support staff until they get a fair offer too!

Thank you to our Support Staff

AEU members from around Tasmania have a lot to thank our Support Staff colleagues for, they’re fantastic! Here’s a collection of heartfelt messages for Support Staff on Education Support Personnel Day.

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Posted by Australian Education Union Tasmania on Thursday, 16 May 2019


Support Staff members and the AEU are making a real difference to education outcomes, while improving support staff working conditions across the state.

Working with the AEU, support staff members have achieved:

  • Transition of Teacher Assistants onto the Tasmanian State Service Award, which includes substantial pay increases, including:
  • Teacher Assistant salary increased from $34 648, pro rata in 2007, to a salary range of $54 093 – $58 322, pro rata as of 1 December 2017.
  • Pay scales extended from three salary levels to five.
  • Introduction of Toileting Allowance for Support Staff who are required, and agree, to undertake these roles.
  • Introduction of Specialised Health Care Allowance for Support Staff who choose to complete these duties.
  • TOIL days in lieu of Easter holidays lost in 2014, 2015 and 2017.
  • A new career path introduced through the Para-Professional program that includes free university training. These roles will come with a new title of Education Support Specialist with the first intake to be completed in 2017 and with a salary range of $60 753 – $65 780.
  • Implementation of a Teacher Assistant Transfer Agreement with clear guidelines as to how this is to be initiated and processed.
  • Option of annualised salary for Support Staff.
  • Negotiated option of working an extra three weeks to help address the issue of unpaid stand down.
  • DoE to pay for the first three years of Working with Vulnerable Children (WwVC) checks.
  • Interim new staffing formula to address Lab Tech workload issues whilst negotiations for new formula are finalised
  • The fully-funded School Business Manager Initiative for DoE staff to become university qualified.