In the last agreement with the Department of Education, we secured a commitment from the DoE to establish a workload working party. The inaugural meeting of the workload working party was last fortnight.

Each meeting will be about not only the issues facing educators, but working together to come up with the solutions. The members of the workload working party are Michele Rippon, David Benson, Terri Coombes, Lucie Ellis and Heather Griffin.

The meeting was a very positive start to the working party. We outlined the intentions of the working group and the issues that would be addressed. It was really encouraging, as a member, to hear the commitment from the Department to work together on finding solutions to the workload problem and to listen and work alongside members and union representatives to do so. Meetings will continue in the new year where we will address each broader issue at a time. I am very excited to be a part of this process – somehow the workload seems a little less stressful when you know you are doing something to change it!

If you have any feedback or issues you wish the workload working party to raise, please get in contact with us via