There have been some developments on these two related processes.

  • We and the IEU raised concerns prior to the Working with Vulnerable People legislation being hurried through parliament, yet the Government at the time insisted the Bill go through with little change.
  • We and the IEU requested that teachers be exempt from the process as they already have a registration process and this would be additional, costly and unnecessary.
  • The government proceeded to include teachers in the Working with Children Check (WwCC) process, as has been the case in most other states, so the AEU and IEU requested that the Department of Justice (DoJ), who administers the process, and the TRB work together to develop a single check and registration. The DoJ and TRB are continuing to work on smoothing the process but it appears, due to the nature of their separate legislations, there will continue to be both the Working with Children Check and the police check separately on the part of the TRB, as these are for different purposes. The DoJ check is for possible risk to children and the TRB looks for fitness to teach which is a wider concept and concerns whether the person is of “good character”.
  • We have written to the DoE requesting that, as has occurred in some other agencies, the employer pay the cost of the WwCC for teachers and all other school staff – we await a response to that request. Non-teaching staff have long had their good character checks paid for by their school and so the AEU is expecting the DoE to continue to cover the cost of this new process.
  • Dates for WwCC applications:
    • Applications open for non-teaching staff on 1/1/16 and must be completed by 1/7/16
    • Applications open for teaching staff on 1/5/16 and must be completed by 1/1/17