Many of our members may not realise that it is not only Teachers and TAs, who are eligible to be members of our union.

AEU Tasmania is the state branch of the Australian Education Union – the federal union for teachers, principals, education support staff and all educators working in government schools and government-funded early childhood, TAFE and adult education. The Australian Education Union is the major union in education, with over 180,000 members nationally and 6000 members in Tasmania. We provide support, information, prompt answers and advice, we effectively pursue matters on your behalf.  We work with you to improve your conditions of employment and to advance your professional interests and promote the value of educators in the community.

The following list is a small taste of the many positions our membership covers:

Aboriginal Education Officer
School Psychologist
Social Worker
Speech Pathologist
Bus Attendant
Teacher Assistant
IT Support Officer
Youth Liaison Officer
School Business Manager
Administrative and Clerical Officer
Adult Education Officer
Careers Officer
Guidance Officer
Assistant Principal
Principal Network Leader
Home School Liaison Officer
Laboratory Technician
Network Support Officer
Library Aide
Library Technician

If you have any colleagues who are unaware that they can join the AEU, point them in the direction of this link –

We are a team and welcome new members. In numbers, there is unity and strength to pursue positive outcomes for public education.