Last Thursday teachers, support staff and Principals in schools, colleges and TAFEs across Tasmania walked off at the end of the day to take action against unmanageable workloads. Members organised events and walked off in every corner of the island. There were wobble-boarding events across the state, pub catch ups, TV news reports, radio interviews and newspaper reports.

There was even a media release from the Treasurer calling the action ‘disappointing’ as it would ‘affect students and families’. If you participated in the Walk Off for Workload, congratulations on taking part in this action.

Out of Office auto-reply
Let’s keep up this momentum, and show the Government that we’re serious, and we’re not going to stop until we win and ensure a Quality Education for all.  In recognition of your excessive workload, we’re asking you to put an ‘Out of Office’ auto-reply on your email when you have finished your paid hours or are on holidays. This is your time for family and friends and any work undertaken is unpaid.  We need members to take a stand.

Member Meetings 
We have scheduled regional AEU member meetings for the first week of Term 4. These will be led by member leaders in your region and will discuss the Quality Education EB campaign.


Once again, congratulations on taking part in the Walk Off for Workload and for standing up for Quality Education for children in our schools and colleges.  We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming member meetings. Don’t forget to like and follow our Facebook page, and to share our posts to get the message out there.