Specialist VET Teachers have had a win with a new specialist VET classification scale. This classification scale allows previous competency, industry or delivery experience, qualifications, and DoE work responsibilities to be taken into account when determining the salary placement for a specialist VET teacher on appointment, or by application.

If you are a Specialist VET Teacher you will see your new classification on your most recent payslip. For those who were Band 1 Level 1 Teachers, reclassification to VET Band 1 Level 1 means a salary increase of $1,860 per year!

VET specialists in other classification levels will see no change to their salary, however the changes do provide the opportunity to be considered for a higher classification level under the new Specialist VET Teacher Classification Scale, up to a maximum of VET Band 1 Level 6 (without progress towards higher teaching qualifications).

Applications will be made to a panel, who will consider previous competency, industry or delivery experience, qualifications and work responsibilities in deciding on a reclassification. This recognition was not previously available to members.

How did it all happen?

The AEU and DoE formed a working party in response to concerns that industry experience and trade qualifications of VET teachers were not being recognised. This working party agreed to vary the existing Teachers Agreement to provide for a specialist VET classification scale.

It was agreed that progress beyond Band 1 Level 6 would still require progress towards higher teaching qualifications, but that VET Specialists would be able to apply to be reclassified with recognition given to previous competency, industry or delivery experience, qualifications and work responsibilities.

The Teachers Agreement 2017 (No 2) was approved by the Tasmanian Industrial Commission at a hearing on 29 January 2019. The variation was effective from the first full pay period following the date of the hearing.

Around 40 VET specialist members will benefit from the opportunities in the new classification scale.

The Department of Education will communicate with all Specialist VET Teachers, informing them of the transition to the new classification scale and outlining the process to be considered for a higher classification on the new scale. After receiving this information from DoE and considering the process, members with questions are encouraged to contact the AEU for further information or assistance: memberadvisor@aeutas.org.au or call (03) 6234 9500

It pays to be union!