After representations from members as to their concerns around the ability to recruit and retain VET Specialist teachers in the DoE, your Union has been involved in negotiations with the Department.  Members raised equity issues where there were examples of teachers working side by side delivering the same VET qualification with the same teaching qualification and same responsibilities, but one was paid on the TAFE Teaching Award and the other, on the lower paid Teaching Award with salary advancement barriers.  Other issues arose around being able to find teachers willing to drop their salary significantly from what they are paid in the industry to teach the qualification.

The proposal provides a new salary scale only for VET Specialist Teachers.  The entry level is higher and the scale provides advancement to Band 1 Level 12.  There is also scope for initial appointment to be higher than the entry-level salary and progress to obtaining a teaching qualification is recognised with access to more salary levels.

Branch Executive considered the proposed new salary scale and have on a without prejudice basis endorsed it.

Discussions will continue with the employer on the criteria to determine initial placement above entry level as well as the makeup on the panel determining this.  Once your Union is satisfied with these matters, the Award will be varied.

This is a significant and positive outcome for our members delivering VET for the DoE. 

The proposed specialist VET teacher salary scale.