Helen Richardson, AEU Tasmania President, said:

“Branch Council has agreed on a path which unites teacher members behind solutions to the bargaining dispute with the State Government.

“Council considered extensive feedback from members and rejected the Government’s current Offer, and united behind a counteroffer that removes Relief Teacher Loading reductions.

“We’re awaiting further information from Government to assist us in drafting the counteroffer.

“Motions critical of AEU leadership were withdrawn and a motion of confidence was passed in the leadership team – which includes the President, State Manager and other members of the negotiating team.

“It was also agreed by Council that a Relief Teaching taskforce be set up to deal with the current crisis in attracting relief teachers to schools and colleges.

“AEU member leaders have done their job today, now it’s time for the Government to listen to educators and resolve this dispute.”

Further information Harriet Binet, AEU Campaigns, 0427 841 760