Union Power Prompts Super Win

The union movement is celebrating some positive changes to our superannuation won by union campaigning. 

The contribution guarantee is increasing from 10% to 10.5% and the $450 threshold on earning super is being removed for ongoing employees over the age of 18. 

That means that from 1 July 2022, all workers will receive super for any amount they earn.

Changes like these accumulate over time to make a world of difference for retiring workers.  

The Australian union movement played an integral role to win superannuation and a pathway to a dignified retirement as a universal workplace right.

Union members fought for and won these changes, including electing a federal government that is willing to back workers, union membership and fair pay rises.

No worker should retire into poverty, and superannuation is a critical part of ensuring every worker maintains their standard of living in retirement.  

Today, we celebrate how far we’ve come, recognise how far we need to go, and honour the right for all Australians to retire with safety and dignity.