More details are emerging about how damaging Malcolm Turnbull’s plan to scrap our Gonski agreement will be for our public schools.

If Will Hodgman’s Government lets Turnbull rip-up our six-year signed Gonski agreement, we know that:

  • Our public schools suffer an $85M cut in Gonski funds, in the next two years alone.
  • Tasmania receives the worst deal of any other state with the lowest indexation rate (or growth rate) for public school funding. (more on that here)
  • After 10 years of Turnbull’s plan, a majority of public schools will still not have reached the schooling resource standard.
  • Under Malcolm Turnbull’s plan, public schools receive less than half of the extra funding. This contrasts with the Gonski agreements whereby 80 per cent of extra funding in 2018 and 2019 goes to public schools.
  • The number of overfunded private schools under Turnbull’s plan will jump from 17% now to 65% in 2027. (Read more about Turnbull’s plan to increase overfunding to private schools here)

What we can’t understand is why the Hodgman Government is not only refusing to fight for our Gonski Agreement but welcoming Turnbull’s cuts to our public schools?

If you haven’t already, make sure you, and colleagues, sign up as supporters of the Gonski campaign.