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Share with us via a text message about what makes public education great in Tasmania.


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Your messages

Inclusivity, freedom to learn, opportunity, Multicultural, dedicated educators Public education is education for all . Offers the education every human deserves.

Elizabeth college

The college gives everyone a great opportunity to exapand your mind and learn what you want to learn and that wouldn’t happen without our education system.

Elizabeth college

Public Education is our Future! Fair funding now! – Terri Coombes

Illawarra Primary School

Amazingly supportive staff. – Leah Brooks

Montello Primary School

Teachers, principals and support staff in Tasmania give everything for their students and change lives. Let’s support them on public education day and every other day after that!

AEU Tasmania

Public Education is a right, not a privilege.

Clarendon Vale Primary

Public education gives all children in Tassie the opportunity to learn valuable skills to effectively contribute to society, regardless of socioeconomic background.

Latrobe High School

Goulburn Street Primary School teachers and staff are the absolute best. My family and our community are stronger because of their hard work. They are dedicated, skilled professionals and we’re lucky to have them.

- Marta, parent at Goulburn Street Primary School

Public education is the pathway to a better life. It is a chance to escape poverty for some and a springboard for exceptional lives for others. Its everyone’s right.

A quality public education system is the life-blood of any successful nation. Quality education for all is an investment in this nation’s future.

Rosetta Primary School

My children have absolutely thrived and have been shown the respect and encouragement to become their authentic selves. So grateful to the care and nurturing the staff have given them.

Wynyard High School

Public education is fair for all

What makes public education great is the dedication and work ethic over and above what is asked for in so many of our wonderful teachers, teacher assistants and not to forget the wonderful administration staff. I came quite late in life to the job was accepted and welcomed by outstanding teachers and assistants and marvelled at the patience and understanding and encouragement they give to such a diverse range of students . Well done public education!

Bowen Road Primary

Public Education is vital for the future of Tasmania. This system provides education, support and care to our students to ensure they can be offered every opportunity to succeed and to make decisions about their own future.

Clarendon Vale Primary

I go to Elizabeth college and I love how we have so many opportunities and ways to express yourself

Elizabeth college

Public and proud! Thank you to all the educators at Miandetta Primary. Your hard work and commitment to learning make a difference everyday. – Michelle Rippon

Miandetta Primary School

5am report writing, teachers care about students and public education shame politicians don’t. Nurses help our children when they are sick, police help they are in need, firemen help in an emergency, teachers support students daily. Give teachers the resources they need, our children are worth it!

Scottsdale High School

Diversity gives us strength.

Andrews Creek Primary School

School staff strive to build strong home/school relationships.

Montello Primary School

Tasmanian public schools are microcosms of our broader society. Our educators deserve the highest praise, pay and supports in the nation to ensure a fair and positive future for all. Everyone should get behind our public schools.

Campbell Street PS

I love how Elizabeth College caters for all capabilities and strives to make sure everyone achieves their goals

Elizabeth College

Fantastic friendly caring committed staff. – Maree Yaxley

Montello Primary School.

Public Education is great at Dodges Ferry Primary School. Our motto is A Caring Place. And we all work together as a community to achieve the best possible outcomes for our students.

Dodges Ferry Primary School

Montello Primary is an amazing place where all staff work incredibly hard. – Christina Schleich

Montello Primary School

Andrews Creek – the capacity for it to enable all students to grow as individuals and as a team.- Sheldon Parker

Andrews Creek Primary School

Public Education is all inclusive & values diversity. Parents have a voice and are encouraged to be involved.

Andrews Creek Primary School

Public Education is great in Tasmania as we have so many fabulous resources at our finger tips. – Wendy Leonard

Latrobe High School

Public education is treating everybody with same expectations and equality.  Our little school has the best community support and wonderful staff.

Clarendon Vale Primary

I enjoy the freedom and the opportunity we get through the enrichment classes and how close to everything the school is.

Elizabeth College

Public education is great as every child deserves the opportunity to reach his/her potential irrespective of their background. Public Education caters for all types, both affluent and students suffering from poverty. – Aaron Humphrey

Latrobe High School

What fantastic opportunities my kids have to participate in performing and visual arts programs at Burnie High!

Burnie High School

My son loves going to school and said it’s such a good school!

Bagdad Primary School

Public education is great because of the dedication of teachers often in less than ideal learning environments. – Andrea Foster

Andrews Creek Primary School

Public education gives students of all backgrounds the opportunity to learn.

Latrobe High School

The staff are welcoming and friendly, always ready for a chat and work hard to communicate with families and students. A brilliant team at work with a passionate leader who inspires her staff members and in turn students and families.

Havenview Primary School

What is great about public education in Tasmania is the opportunity it offers to “every” young person to make something of their future.

Ulverstone High School

Let’s celebrate Public Education Day – access to a quality education and dedicated teachers results in rich opportunities for every child. The possibilities are endless

Lauderdale Primary School

Teachers are some of the most unsung heroes we have. They help prepare our children for the road ahead in their lives, Their impact goes beyond the classroom, So here’s a big Thank-you!!!
Public Education in Tasmania is wonderful.

Bagdad Primary School

We are so grateful for the wonderful, caring and supportive environment that our daughter can learn in.

Queechy High School

As an Elizabeth College student, I would say that the best thing about public education is the never ending opportunities and experiences you get to have before you’re thrown out into our sad cynical world.

Elizabeth College

Further reading

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Further reading

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