Support hard-working teachers, principals and education professionals to deliver better schools and colleges for all Tasmanian children. 

Our working conditions are student learning conditions. 

About the campaign
What you can do

Together we can make a change

With your support your AEU has won significant member benefits through a challenging 18 months.

Some of these wins included getting working from home guidelines implemented, vulnerable members protected, relief members supported and early vaccination access for all educators.

With a new EBA campaign taking shape, AEU members are getting together to improve working conditions for you and your hardworking colleagues, as well as our students.

We know teachers do an average of 10.8 hours unpaid overtime a week and 95% of that time is spent doing core teaching work like planning, preparation and marking.

With your participation in your Union’s campaign to lift learning for every child, here are just a few things that can be achieved.

Here’s what your participation can help achieve in 2021 

  • More in-class support from teacher assistants to ensure teachers can focus on every child.
  • Holistic support for students, with additional professional support staff such as school psychologists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, library technicians, social workers and Education Support Specialists.
  • Smaller class sizes where equipment is limited, rooms are small or staff and student safety is at risk.
  • Support our early career teachers, including time release for mentor teachers, to keep great teachers teaching and give them time to prepare quality learning.
  • Solutions to the teacher shortage crisis affecting students and educator workload.
  • Keep our best teachers and attract more, by lifting Tasmanian teachers from the lowest paid in Australia to competitive with other states and territories.
  • Ensure teachers and principals have the time to focus on teaching and learning.
  • Additional support for First Nations cultural activities.
  • An isolated schools incentive package to keep and attract quality teachers.
  • Improved access to relevant Professional Learning for all teachers and ESS.
  • Respect and recognition for educators in complex settings such as Support Schools.