Tasmanian teachers are taking their message direct to the Premier and other Liberal MPs by making calls to their offices asking them to listen to educator concerns and find solutions before the beginning of Term II.

“Will Hodgman has refused for two weeks to even talk to educators so now during the school holidays teachers are taking their message about workload and kids missing out on the support they need direct to his office,” said Helen Richardson, AEU Tasmania President.

“Tasmanian teachers have the highest workload and are educating kids with the most complex needs yet Will Hodgman wants to make them the lowest paid in Australia and lock-in under resourcing for three years,” said Ms Richardson.

“As the Premier won’t talk to teachers, or meet with them, the only option that leaves is for them to phone him directly and explain why his offer will not meet the needs of students or teachers.

“Teachers are doing everything they possibly can to help the Government understand why kids will miss out under his latest offer and why we won’t be able to attract and keep the best and brightest educators for Tasmania.

“Teachers gave the government comprehensive solutions in the form of a counter offer a month ago but instead of working with educators on making it happen, Will Hodgman has played political games which is hurting our kids.”

Members will receive a message from their President about the campaign then have the option of being connected through to an MP’s office where they can leave a message about what’s needed for quality education.

“Teachers are ready, willing and able to negotiate and doing everything they can to avoid disruption next term – the ball is in the Premier’s court,” she said.


Further information:
Harriet Binet, AEU Tasmania, 0427 841 760