After 10 long months of negotiating and campaigning, teachers have secured a new offer from Government that secures key workload wins and fair pay and strengthens quality education in Tasmania, the AEU said today.

“Teachers have won workload fixes that allow for more class planning and preparation time; new educators and principals will have more support and our teachers will have a nationally competitive wage that recognises the work they do,” said Helen Richardson, AEU Tasmanian President.

“The offer outlines an 8.5% wage increase over three years for the majority of teachers which will boost our ability to attract and retain the best teachers and means their salary will be nationally competitive. They have been a long and tough negotiations, but we have worked collaboratively with the Education Minister Jeremy Rockliff and the Department Of Education to secure an offer that we believe is a ‘win-win’ for teachers and students,” she said.

AEU’s Branch Executive met on Thursday night and voted unanimously to endorse the latest offer from the State Government and will recommend to eligible teacher members that they vote “YES” in the upcoming ballot on the offer.


    • Primary teachers will have two hours per week of more time for class preparation and planning that means they can better tailor learning for the individual needs of students. This means Primary school students will be able to access two hours of specialist teaching – music, drama, art, agriculture, robotics etc., per week by 2022.
    • Addresses workload issues for classroom teachers by improving access to additional in-class support where required.
    • A comprehensive review into report writing requirements and identification of best practice.
    • The continuation of a Workload Reference Group consisting of practising teachers to monitor workload issues and identify solutions for implementation.
    • Provides our early career teachers with the support that they need to become great teachers, by acknowledging that experienced mentors make a big difference, and providing increased access to increased professional learning.
    • Relief Teacher Pool – provide job security for at least 50 teachers who will be permanently appointed across the state to provide relief in workplaces that have a high use of relief teachers.  These teachers will also be provided with mentoring support.
    • Acknowledges the considerable complexity that Principals must manage, day to day, in leading our schools, by providing an additional 10 FTE staff to assist them with complex HR and IR matters to free them up to provide educational leadership to their schools.
    • Up to 4 days of leave arrangements per annum in acknowledgement of the additional time Principals are working at the start of the year before the Term starts.
    • A review of the current Assistant Principal and Principal classifications to ensure salaries are competitive with similar roles in other education systems and jurisdictions
    • Translation for all principals to the new classification structure removing the salary inequities that are currently faced
    The offer outlines an 8.5% wage increase over three years for the majority of teachers covered by it. The minimum pay rise for members is 7.5%.

    • Year 1: all members receive a 2.5% wage increase, with over 60% receiving a 3% increase. (Payments are backdated to March this year)
      • Everyone gets 2% in March, then an additional 0.5% in July in the form of an additional lump sum payment.
      • Also, in Year 1 is a new increment on the salary scale (called Band 1 Level 14) and people on that new level will receive a 3% increase, so too will Advanced Skills Teachers (ASTs). The 3% comprises the increment rise plus the one-off payment.
    • Year 2: all members receive a 2.5% wage increase.
    • Year 3: all members receive a 2.5% wage increase and over 60% will receive 3% a increase.
      • Everybody receives 2.5% except those on Band 1 Level 14 and ASTs who receive an additional 0.5% payment and so receive an increase of 3%.
    • Also, Teachers working at Ashely School will also receive a 6.5% Correctional Facilities Allowance in acknowledgement of the complexities of that working environment.
    • The teachers offer incorporates a new position of Education Support Specialists which means Support Staff such as Teacher Assistants will now have a pathway to being properly recognised as educational professionals which also means being paid for 52 weeks of the year.

“This new offer is a result of the hard work of teachers and principals who have negotiated and campaigned for almost a year and who have always had the concerns of students as their number one priority.”

“This is a great offer for teachers and AEU Branch Executive will be strongly recommending members support the offer in an upcoming vote.”

If a majority of Teacher members vote “YES” to support the current offer then a detailed agreement will be finalised as soon as possible and put to members in a formal ballot where a majority (50%+1) of teachers are needed to accept the agreement.

The offer will be put to members in a confidential, online vote in the coming days.


Further information:
Harriet Binet, 0427 841 760