Teachers, principals and support staff across Tasmania are reaching out to parents and carers with a message – we are still here to support your child’s learning.

“Teachers, principals and support staff are missing their students, but we remain committed as ever to supporting them as they continue learning from home in Term 2,” said Helen Richardson, President of the Australian Education Union Tasmanian Branch.

With Tasmanian schools in the North West closed for an extra week following public health advice, and schools in the North and South continuing to support learning at home in Term 2, educators want to reassure parents they are continuing in their roles and are prepared to continue education remotely.

“The message from the Premier and Education Minister is clear and we support it: if children can learn from home, that is the best place for them to be.”

“Our members recognise COVID-19 presents a continuing threat to all Tasmanians and the message is simple: stay at home, keep them home, save lives.”

“Teachers, principals and support staff have done an amazing job – they’ve completely rewritten learning plans and adapted everything to home learning mode in a very short space of time. They’ve put this work in to ensure students don’t miss a beat.”

“Your principal is still your principal, your student’s teacher will continue to be their teacher and support staff will continue in their important roles. Education will look different in Term Two, but we will support parents and students to ensure they receive a consistent and continuing education.”

“The children of health care workers and other essential services will be attending schools, as will our most vulnerable students. The best thing we can do for them and for our whole community is to keep children learning at home where possible.”

“Structured learning plans will be provided, parents will be supported and they’ll know what is required to continue each child’s learning day-to-day and week-to-week.”

“We will stay connected and we will get everyone back up to speed as we are able to safely return to normal in the future.”

“Every child’s learning is so important to us. Public education is a fundamental human right and we have worked hard to ensure that learning will continue in Term Two, predominately at home. As education professionals, we know how to best ensure no child is disadvantaged despite changes in how we deliver education.”

“We ask all parents and educators to stay connected to their student’s teacher and school community using the various communication options provided and most of all try to relax, have fun while supporting your child’s learning and remember that this is not forever.”