Tasmanian teachers are formulating a new revised bargaining offer, which includes a compromise on the AEU’s wages position, to put to the State Government on Monday and are calling on the Premier to ensure negotiations are swift and a deal can be reached this week, the AEU said today.

The AEU’s elected teacher membership met on Friday [3 May] and agreed to the principles of a new offer which will be tabled at a DOE negotiating meeting on Monday.

The new offer includes a shift from the AEU’s wages claim of an annual 3% pay rise for teachers but still prevents Tasmanian teachers being lowest paid and also addresses key workload concerns.

“Unfortunately, political game playing and delaying tactics from the state government has meant negotiations have dragged on for 10 months and we are appealing to Will Hodgman to ensure there are no more delays and agreement can be reached this week,” said AEU Tasmania President Helen Richardson.

“Teachers have continually put forward solutions that have been rejected by the State Government but we hope that this revised offer will provide the circuit breaker needed for the Premier to show leadership and significantly progress negotiations.”

Teachers have called Liberal Party offices over the Easter break leaving messages about their concerns and Premier Will Hodgman was invited to attend Friday’s Branch Council Meeting but the AEU didn’t receive any response to these requests.

“We are disappointed that the Premier didn’t respond to our invitation to attend Branch Council on Friday and that calls to his Ministerial offices fell on deaf ears but teachers are none-the-less keen to progress negotiations,” said Ms Richardson.

“Despite the lack of response from the Liberal State Government, we will put a new compromise offer to the Government on Monday so a deal can be reached, and teachers and parents can have certainty for the remainder of the school year.”

Meanwhile, the teacher’s campaign for fair pay and workload fixes rolls out with a mobile billboard launched today and TV adverts starting on Sunday. These will be followed by radio and newsprint adverts and a range of community engagement activities.

The AEU’s Branch Executive, who are elected serving teachers, rejected the government’s last offer which was received on March 29. The rejected offer, for pay rises of 2%, 2.5%, 2.5%, would have relegated Tasmanian teachers to lowest paid and left us unable to recruit and retain the best and brightest educators for our kids.

“We will give the Government a revised plan with comprehensive solutions in a new offer on Monday that will prevent Tasmanian teachers from being lowest paid in the country and solve key workload issues to ensure quality education for all,” she said.

“Teachers are doing everything they can to avoid further disruption to the school year – the ball is now in the Premier’s court,” she said.

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