Teachers EBA update

In light of the recently endorsed Tasmanian Teachers Offer, both the Australian Education Union and the Department of Education, Children and Young People are working together to ensure a new Teachers Agreement and updates to the Teachers Award are implemented effectively and efficiently.

Although the finer details are still being ironed out, both parties have set a target date of May 10th for the back-pay process to begin. However, this is contingent on the Department meeting the established deadlines.

There is a great deal of effort and work happening behind the scenes to ensure that the implementation of the Agreement is manageable and streamlined for schools and colleges. The goal is to ensure the Agreement is executed correctly and in line with the Offer put to AEU Members.

While the timeline for implementation is still being finalised, the hope is that the new Agreement will provide some much-needed relief to the workload pressures educators are facing.

With both the Australian Education Union and DECYP working to create a smooth and efficient process, it’s expected the new Agreement will be implemented successfully and we will keep you updated throughout the process.

With a 90% member Yes vote for the new Agreement, it’s clear there is some positive outcomes on the way for Tasmania’s schools and colleges – outcomes won by members standing up and taking action.  

While we look forward to the positive changes this new Agreement will bring to the education system in Tasmania, our fight for reduced workloads and solutions to the state’s teacher shortage will continue this year and beyond.

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