LGBTI+ people are legally protected from workplace discrimination, bullying, harassment and vilification. If you are experiencing homophobia, discrimination or harassment contact your union for support on 1800 001 313.

Department of Education, Tasmania

As an employer, the Department of Education in Tasmania has the responsibility to provide a safe working environment for its employees. The Department has a number of documents that aim to deal with sexual and gender diversity in schools that can be accessed from the Department’s website:

Equal Opportunity Tasmania

Discrimination against someone because of their sex or sexuality (i.e. you are gay or lesbian; someone thinks you are gay or lesbian; or because you have a relative, friend, associate or work colleague who is gay or lesbian, or someone thinks they are gay or lesbian) is against the law – including in employment.

It is also generally against the law in Tasmania to treat someone unfairly or harass them because they transgender, or because they have a relative, friend, associate or work colleague who is transgender.

Further information on discrimination can be accessed at the Equal Opportunity Tasmania website.

Australian Human Rights Commission

Information about LGBTI people’s human rights as well as information from projects and publications by the Human Rights Commission are accessible on their Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Equality webpage.

Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby

Facts sheets and links are available on the Gay and lesbian Rights Lobby website. The information provided informs people that lesbians and gay men are protected from workplace discrimination, harassment, vilification and unlawful termination by federal and state laws.


There are a number of fact sheets available at beyondblue which highlight the factors that affect LGBTI people.