Teachers, principals and school psychologists have voted overwhelmingly to accept a government offer and return immediately to negotiations.

An Australian Education Union member ballot was returned with 84 percent accepting the short-term offer of pay rises and back pay.

“Education union members have broken the government’s unfair and unsustainable wage cap policy with collective action and are looking forward to returning to the negotiating table for a longer-term agreement,” said AEU Tasmanian Branch President Helen Richardson.

“The modest increases in this offer will leave Tasmania’s teachers the lowest paid in the country, dealing with the most complex and disadvantaged classes.”

The offer accepted by AEU members covered by the Teachers Agreement includes pay rises of 2.35%, with 2.1% backdated to 1 March 2019 as well as a one-off payment of 0.15% pro rata of base salary capped at $120.

“With this offer came a commitment from the government to return immediately to the negotiation table and AEU members look forward to an opportunity to talk about a longer-term agreement that addresses excessive workloads.”

“The number one priority for teachers is workload – it’s all about our students who need their teachers to have time for individual learning and planning.”

“If the government fails to return to the negotiating table immediately as promised, teacher workloads and student learning in 2020 will be at risk.”

“The government knows teacher workload is an issue and acknowledged its importance months ago, so we expect they will be as keen as us to sit down and agree to solutions immediately.”

“The Premier set a deadline of November to conclude negotiations for a longer-term agreement but we know we could reach an agreement sooner than that.”

“Workload solutions presented to the government are funded and affordable and the lowest paid teachers in Australia expect a fair pay rise.”


Further information:
Jon Stanger, AEU Tasmania, 0437 374 125