The DoE has sent out Circular Memo –HR7/2016 -2017 -Teacher Transfers which outlines the process for making application for Teacher Transfers in accord with the Teacher Transfer/Assignment of Permanent Duties Industrial Agreement 2013 (TTIA).

Teachers seeking eligible, requested, or even compassionate transfers (which can be applied for at any time), need to read the Transfer Agreement document – available on the AEU website under Member Services- Awards / Agreements and Directions – and take note of the Circular Memo which advises on timeframes and has links to the application online form.

The advice on this memo also states in regard to Flexible Teaching Pool (FTP or the old ‘PRT’) teachers that: employees with FTP status are not able to apply for transfers under this process.

We do not view this advice as strictly correct as there are provisions in the Teacher Transfer Agreement for Flexible Teaching Pool teachers and others, who may have had a continuous period of service combined as either 2 or all 3 as fixed term/flexible teaching pool /permanent, to be able to access an eligible transfer. This applies for Level D, C, and B schools under the Agreement.

The important consideration here is that 3 years’ continuous employment within annual processes for level D (isolated); 4 years’ continuous employment for level D (remote); and 6 years’ continuous employment for level B (urban hard to staff) should mean that a FTP or permanent teacher is eligible for a transfer regardless of the nature of an earlier part of their continuous service.

If you believe that you might fall into this category of eligible employee and want further advice or support with the process then please make contact with us and an officer will be able to clarify and assist.