Did you know that there are now two programs for student teacher practical training within Tasmanian schools? 

The regular student teacher practicums, which form a part of the University course requirements, are running as they have in past. However, there is a relatively new initiative, consisting of an internship placement, which commenced in 2016.

This internship program has been developed by the DoE in conjunction with the University of Tasmania and is administered separately from the regular practicum program.  Student teachers in their final year of education at University can apply for an internship and if successful are attached to a school for the duration of that year.

As well as receiving practical on the job experience. Mentoring and scholarship funds, the student teachers are guaranteed a substantive position at the school the following year, upon the successful completion of the program.

Anecdotally, the reports back from classroom mentor teachers who participated in the program during 2016 are positive, with perceptions that this is a very beneficial program for all participants.  It important to note that this is an optional program for classroom teachers and that only schools that can provide the intern with a substantive position the following year will be able to participate in the program.

Due to this internship status, the classroom mentor teacher does not receive an allowance payment.  We can assure you, however, that teachers will still receive an allowance for supervising regular practicum students, as this is provided for in the agreement.

The Union will monitor this new area of student teacher training for developments and welcome feedback from participating teachers and student teachers.

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