It’s that time of year again when schools are looking at Teacher Assistant placement.

All existing permanent staff should be offered additional hours in the first instance before new/fixed term/casual staff are employed.

Once it is determined that there is an excess of Teacher Assistant hours (permanent) the Principal must begin the consultation process to identify TAs as excess.

In the first instance, Expression of Interest should be sought to enable the adjustment to be made through voluntary relocation. Such expressions of interest will be circulated broadly to the TAs within the school and include the following details:

  • An outline of the required staffing reduction, i.e. hours/FTE.
  • Options for a temporary decrease in hours or leave without pay to address the staffing excess.
  • Available details of placement options.

The Principal will consult with Teacher Assistants, and union representatives if requested, and provide the grounds for determining which TAs are excess and the basis on which the decision has been made.

The Teacher-Aide-Placement-Policy can be found here on our website.