TasTAFE staff survey confirms privatisation bungle

AEU Tasmania is deeply concerned by damning TasTAFE employee survey data, which shows low staff satisfaction since the organisation transitioned from a state service organisation to a government business. 

According to the data, only 12.6% of respondents have seen positive change at TasTAFE since the transition.

One of the most alarming findings was that only one in five employees felt their input to the transition was sought, acknowledged, or valued. This lack of communication and consultation is unacceptable and has contributed to shocking levels of dissatisfaction among TasTAFE staff.

Furthermore, one in four employees reported that they weren’t clear about the reasons for the transition, while just one in 10 employees ‘strongly agreed’ that TasTAFE has a positive and successful future. This poor employee confidence in the organisation’s future further underlines just how ill-informed the transition has been.

The AEU calls on TasTAFE and the government to take action by engaging with TasTAFE employees and the AEU to address staff concerns and poor working conditions. 

This critical revelation from TasTAFE staff on the organisation’s transition comes as TasTAFE seeks to extend, to all TasTAFE staff, the cuts to wages and conditions for new staff contracts.

This appears to be the only goal of the new privatised model. If TasTAFE and the Government want to turnaround staff morale they need to rule out any cuts to wages and conditions and support the positive proposals put forward by AEU members for a fair go at TasTAFE.