TasTAFE six-month review a botched venture

A hollow TasTAFE performance review, revealing a net loss in teachers, raises serious concerns about the organisation’s transparency and accountability. 

The Rockliff Government’s newly released TasTAFE Six-Month Review – designed to measure the performance of the organisation since becoming a Government Business – will go down as a botched venture which failed to truly showcase the Government’s misguided privatisation shift.

The fact such a significant review was undertaken without being independently assessed highlights the need for greater TasTAFE oversight and regulation, said newly appointed Australian Education Union Tasmania TAFE Division President Tristan Sabol.

“Since TasTAFE became a Government Business we’ve seen significant cuts to teacher working conditions which this review has failed to address because it was undertaken by the same government which made the cuts,” he said.

“It is crucial TasTAFE conducts reviews in a way that is thorough and objective, so the Rockliff Government is held accountable for any changes made as part of its privatisation transition.

“Only then can we be confident that our education system is functioning properly and serving the needs of Tasmanian students.”

The review shows TasTAFE’s FTE teacher count dropped from 415.2 in December 2021 to 413.4 FTE teachers in December 2022.

Mr Sabol said the Rockliff Government has tried make rosy a now privatised institution which was struggling with teacher attrition and a lack of investment.

“This report shows TasTAFE’s teacher count is going backwards alongside the organisation,” he said.

“The Rockliff Government falsely sold the community – and Upper House members – the promise that it would lift TasTAFE’s operations through privatisation with the employment of 100 additional new teachers. 

“That’s now proved to be a sham, with teacher resignations outstripping recruitment.

“TasTAFE needs serious investment and the Rockliff Government must start showing value for its workforce, or the trajectory of teacher burnout will climb higher.”

Mr Sabol called on the Government to bring forward its 30-month TasTAFE performance review so the organisation could be accurately and independently assessed.