The Green’s education policy commitment to inject much needed additional staff into schools and colleges has been welcomed by Tasmanian AEU members.

“The Greens are the first party to come out with a strong education policy platform. By committing to our ‘Quality Education for all’ campaign, the Greens have acknowledged that our schools, colleges and TAFE are in crisis and are in urgent need of more staff to meet the needs of Tasmanian students,” said Helen Richardson, AEU Tasmania President.

“250 more teachers and 200 additional teacher assistants will provide flexibility for schools to deliver programs and quality learning experiences to better meet the individual learning needs of every child. More teachers mean more time to plan, prepare and deliver programs that make a difference to every child.” said Ms Richardson.

“We welcome the significant injection of more professional support staff into our schools because the number of students with high and complex needs is increasing and this commitment will address the current chronic shortage.

“By having more school psychologists, social workers and speech and language therapists students will be able to access the support when they need it and it will help reduce the current unacceptable year-long waits for professional support.”

“With the emphasis on STEM subjects, more students are now studying science related subjects, 30 additional Laboratory Technicians will give teachers and students the high level technical support required.

“Education must be a priority for any future Government, and we call on all political parties to put our children and their future ‘front and centre’. All parties must commit to delivering additional resources and staff to our schools, colleges and TAFEs so every child gets the opportunity to have a great education,” said Ms Richardson.

“Properly resourcing education should be a priority for all politicians in the lead-up to this election. We look forward to all political parties, Liberal, Labor and independents like the Jacqui Lambie Network candidates, stepping up and committing to the urgently needed staff and other resources for our schools, colleges and TAFE,” said Ms Richardson.

Further information:

Helen Richardson, AEU President, 0408 108 885
Molly Frankham, AEU Communications, 0437 374 125

Read the AEU’s Quality Education plan here.