EBA Reference Groups

Almost 30 members responded to be involved in the EBA reference groups, meetings dates will be sent out very soon, the reference groups will review the current teaching agreement so that a log of claims can be developed ready to start negotiations in the new year as well as determining a campaign strategy for the next State election. The AEU encourages its members to get involved in these reference groups so that the next agreement addresses key issues which affect the duties that its members are required to do as well as ensuring the election of a party which supports a well-funded public TAFE system. This is your opportunity to ensure that your agreement meets your needs whilst safeguarding your rights.

Interested well then it is not too late follow this link to have your say;

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Letter to Mark Sayer seeking clarification  

The letter below has been sent to the acting CEO of TasTAFE Mark Sayer from AEU TAFE Division President Damian Von Samorzewski seeking clarification on a number of issues.

Hi Mark,

I hope this email finds you well. The AEU – Tas, TAFE Division Executive had their monthly meeting on Friday and seek the following information.

  1. What procedure should the Executive use to provide information to the auditors of TasTAFE?
  2. Could the Office of the CEO notify all TasTAFE staff on how they can provide information to the auditors?
  3. Could the Office of the CEO notify all the AEU and TasTAFE staff on how the audit finding will be disseminated?
  4. If the audit finds a member of the AEU has been advantaged, will the audit also investigate if that has occurred due to “norms & practices” within TasTAFE or inappropriate management practices? What if this conflicts with the State Service Act (2000) or other legislation?

We would also like to know the progress of the various issues raised by us and presented in the form of a table, presented on the 14 July 2017?

Damian von Samorzewski
TAFE Division
Australian Education Union – TAS

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TAFE funding guarantee

We have launched the next activity in the Stop TAFE Cuts campaign.

In order to build support for TAFE funding guarantee, we will be working to get politicians – both state and federal – to sign our funding guarantee poster (download it here).

We have created a new webpage on the Stop TAFE Cuts website – http://pledge.stoptafecuts.com.au.  On this page, members and supporters will be able to either download a poster, or request that we send one to them.  It will also have the facility for supporters and members to upload a photo of their local MP holding the signed poster.  These photos will form a searchable gallery on the website so that the general public can see if their local politicians have actively supported 70% guaranteed funding for TAFE or not.

We want as many politicians as possible to be in the gallery.  Currently we have Senator Doug Cameron and Senator Lee Rhiannon. We are accepting state and federal politicians, upper or lower houses, and any political party.

We would appreciate your help in assisting and encouraging groups of members to make an appointment with their local politicians, take along the guarantee funding poster, getting it signed, and sending the photo through to us.

We will also be launching a social media profile picture overlay so members and supporters can show their support for guaranteed funding as well.  This will be launched on our Facebook page soon – so keep your eyes on www.facebook.com/stoptafecuts. It would be helpful if NTCE members who are active on social media could be “early adopters” on this one, and encourage your activists and members who are busy on social media to also  get on board with this to help spread the word.

The TAFE funding guarantee activity is now live, and has been announced via our Facebook page and twitter account, it would be great if Branches and Associated Bodies, as well as other TAFE focused campaign accounts could share our content to extend its reach.

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