L-R: AEU TAFE Organiser Simon Bailey, Tasmanian Labor Leader Rebecca White, Labor MLC Josh Willie, AEU President Helen Richardson.

There’s lot’s happening in the ‘TAFE space’, from a new in-principle teachers’ agreement (and upcoming ballot) to a cranking up the StopTAFECuts campaign – read all the latest…


TAFE President Damian Von Samorzewski reports on developments with the TasTAFE teachers’ agreement…

Your EBA negotiation has been finalised and we have reached an in-principle agreement – read a detailed summary here.

Importantly, there has been no loss of conditions or entitlements but rather we have gained some important industrial and non-industrial entitlements with zero trade off.

AEU Members will be asked to vote soon (starting next week) via an electronic ballot and the TAFE Executive recommends you vote in favour of the new agreement.

This new agreement is only an 18-month agreement and aligns with other public service agreements. We will be using this time to form working groups to explore what needs amending in the current agreement so that Teaching staff are better supported and resourced in their workplace.

If you require any clarification or a workplace visit please contact the Executive member in your workplace or your TAFE Organiser.



Have you subscribed to the Stop TAFE Cuts Campaign? Your TAFE Executive fully supports this important campaign and encourages all its member to sign up to receive updates about this very important Campaign to Guarantee 70% of funding to TAFE. With 85% of funding going to private for profit RTO’s, unless we lobby for change TAFE is on the brink of being left with non-profitable qualifications.

Private for-profit RTO’s deliver less than 10% of the qualifications nationally and achieve less than 20% completion rates; why is the Federal Government continuing with such an unsustainable funding model?

Within our State we have seen contestable funding increase to almost 40% and this is being done with full consent of the State Government. Join the Campaign today so that we can ensure the long-term viability of TAFE in Tasmanian and around the country.



AEU Federal Secretary Pat Forward will be making a special visit to Tassie to be part of the Reps conference in Devonport and to visit some workplaces.

Some of you will be attending the full two-day Reps Conference but if you’re unable to spare that time, we encourage you to come along for a short time just to hear Pat speak.

Pat’s ‘slot’ is on Thursday 18 May  (Day 1 of Conference) at 3.40pm at the Conference venue – the Waterfront Function Centre, Devonport.

This represents a fantastic opportunity to hear one of TAFE’s best advocates speak and take questions about all things TAFE. We have worked hard to get Pat to attend so we would love to get as many TAFE members as possible to attend in the afternoon.


National TAFE Day – 13 June

The TAFE Executive wrote to CEO Stephen Conway seeking permission to hold National TAFE Day celebrations around the State on TasTAFE Campuses and we were pleased to be given permission for this to happen. Reps along with Sub-Branch Secretaries are encouraged to hold events to celebrate what is good about TAFE. This could be a morning tea or sausage sizzle and we encourage student involvement with these events too – keep your eyes and ears open for more information!
More Responsible Duties Allowance

Do you realise that you can apply for the “More Responsible Duties Allowance” if you are doing any of the following:

  • Completing an approved workload scheduling tool for teams
  • Quoting for commercial courses
  • Programing the delivery of programs for teams
  • Negotiating with third parties on behalf of TasTAFE for the delivery of commercial programs


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