Progress has been very slow with the TAFE Teachers EB as it has been with the Support Staff Agreement (affecting our Support Staff members in TasTAFE) and the government continues to drag its heels on both.

To recap, our TAFE Teacher Claim is based on:

  • reducing members workloads
  • providing relevant P.D.
  • providing a clear understanding of what a teacher’s role is
  • addressing the inconsistency of the teaching modes
  • strengthening the requirement of the employer to consult with its employees

The last TAFE teacher negotiating meeting was on 30 May* and the two specific items discussed at this meeting were Teachers Under Supervision, and the AST 1 role and responsibilities. Here’s a dot point summary of those discussions:

Teacher Under Supervision

  • These are the newly created positions by the employer who have no teaching qualifications when they commence – mainly due to shortage of trades teachers
  • We are seeking to include this as a new classification in the new agreement
  • We discussed what this role might look like i.e. the employer supporting them to get necessary qualifications within specific timeframes
  • Also discussed the workload impact this new classification has on fully qualified teachers who are required to supervise them and conduct assessments.  We proposed some workload protections for the supervising teacher
  • TasTAFE to consider our proposals and discuss at the next meeting

AST 1 role

  • We proposed new requirements and salary increments.
  • TasTAFE also to consider this for our next meeting

TasTAFE had cancelled our scheduled meeting on June 11th. Another meeting date has not yet been set.