TasTAFE Audit Update

It was disappointing to read in today’s Mercury (Friday, 29 September 2017) that Minister Rockliff has decided to withhold the first quarter’s audit findings and 25 recommendations into TasTAFE.

This is not what was agreed between TasTAFE and the AEU and the Minister’s lack of transparency does more harm to the organisation and the morale of employees.

The AEU believes this is politically motivated and does nothing to communicate to the Tasmanian public that TasTAFE, as a Government organisation, is heading down the right path towards implementing good governance and being transparent with its employees.

The AEU believes the Minister’s action communicates to TasTAFE staff that they are not mature enough to be provided with this vital information.

If the Minister wishes TasTAFE staff to make the necessary changes to normal practices, they need to be treated with respect and as professionals.

Teachers and support staff at TasTAFE come to work to do the best for Tasmanians but have been let down by management time and time again. Teachers are not motivated by career progression or status – it is about their moral compass and importantly doing what is best for their students to ensure Tasmania continues to flourish.

The AEU has submitted a Right to Information request as we believe members and the Tasmanian public have a right to know the Audit’s first 25 recommendations.  With this knowledge, the AEU can work with TasTAFE to rebuild the organisation so that it once again becomes and an organisation where its employees have complete faith in its management and where employees are encouraged to speak without fear of retribution.

The TAFE Division of the AEU believes that staff should be given access to the recent Industry report into Drysdale and its recommendations, and are providing these documents to all TAFE members.

We look forward and encourage any feedback that members may have and are very interested to hear about what happened last time Drysdale was split from TAFE.

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