I am keen to use this opportunity to work with you to identify ways we can continue to strengthen our business and improve the service we offer”
Grant Dreher

TasTAFE CEO Grant Dreher has asked for your feedback via email about the State Government’s plan to privatise TasTAFE as a government business enterprise and push all staff out of the public service and onto the private sector Fair Work Act.

He wants to know your thoughts and suggestions on how to improve TasTAFE – use this opportunity to tell him how the privatisation proposal has impacted you and how you feel about the plan.

This is an important opportunity for TAFE members to raise concerns about the radical privatisation proposal and, in-turn, better inform future decisions.

Customise your letter and send it now

It’s critical that the TasTAFE CEO hear from you so he understands what the outlandish privatisation proposal means to staff.

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