TAFE and the AEU

Support hard-working TasTAFE teachers and education support personnel to deliver quality public education and training for students, industry and the whole Tasmanian community. Our working conditions are student training and learning conditions.

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Here is what TAFE members can achieve in union.

TasTAFE recognised as our high performing public training and education provider, keeping teachers and staff in the public sector with greater value and respect.
Improved family leave and reproductive health and wellbeing leave.
Manageable workloads that prioritise student learning.
Nationally competitive wages with salary increases that will retain and attract quality teachers.
Access to a Professional Development fund for TasTAFE teachers
Ensure teachers and staff have access to necessary breaks.
Recognise the central role of libraries and laboratories in schools by employing adequate technicians and recognising their qualifications.
AEU member TasTAFE teachers won a 4.6% wage increase over two years during the last Agreement

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The Australian Education Union (AEU) represents TasTAFE teachers and education support personnel. Now is a great time to join the union that is fighting to keep TasTAFE working for all Tasmanians by protecting and improving working conditions for teachers and support staff. With your support and voice we can achieve big wins for all members and ensure TasTAFE is focused on public benefit, not private profits.

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TAFE members can achieve more in union