Supporting NSW teacher strike action

The Australian Education Union Tasmania Branch strongly supports teachers taking action across New South Wales today for their students and profession, warning Premier Rockliff the same teacher shortage crisis exists in our island state.

Thousands of teachers from public and Catholic schools across New South Wales walked out of workplaces and marched together today in protest over uncompetitive pay, staff shortages and untenable teacher workloads.

AEU Tasmania President David Genford said educator workload pressures were being felt right across the country and Tasmania was battling its worst teacher crisis on record.

“We congratulate NSW teachers for standing up and taking action for students who lose out when teacher shortages and excessive workloads are not addressed,” he said.

“The situation is not dissimilar in Tasmania and our public school teachers are growing fed up with the lack of respect from our government refusing the real solutions to the stresses we are facing in schools each day.”

Mr Genford said the AEU, which is currently undergoing bargaining negotiations, had presented solutions through its Log of Claims to the State Government which needed urgent support and action.

“Addressing excessive educator workload is central to tackling the teacher shortage and improving learning conditions in our schools,” he said.

“Unless this is achieved with a significant commitment from our government, we will continue to lose good people from the teaching profession and educators will have no choice but to take action.”

Key Department of Education data recently revealed 54 teachers working in their first five years left the profession in 2021 – a 50 per cent increase on the year prior.

“Teachers taking action for one day becomes necessary when our government ignores the needs of students and schools year-round,” Mr Genford said.