Support Staff Organiser Kathryn Lee updates on some key Support Staff issues…


The Teacher Assistant Reference group met yesterday to discuss the career path for TAs, in particular the new role of Education Support Specialist (ESS)

To date there has been one ESS person employed in a northern school and the feedback has been very positive in regard to the value of this role in the school. This is exciting news as we’ve been seeking career pathways for Teacher Assistants for many years.

We see a lot of potential for employing many more ESS people in Tasmanian schools.

This group will meet regularly to give feedback and ask questions as this new position rolls out. We will then meet with the DoE to discuss, as requested in the last PSUWA negotiations.

We have great representation of TAs on this group, from all over the state, covering Primary, Secondary and Support Schools.

If you have any questions or would like to give us your feedback please contact Kathryn



There have been some significant changes in the way Support Staff can access permanent employment within the Department of education.

Please access our new updated fact sheet here.

Please print this out and display on your notice board and share with your Support Staff colleagues.

If you have any questions contact Kathryn



Please put August 14th-18th in your diary for Support Staff week. Our Support Staff make a valuable contribution to our schools and we like to show and share our appreciation of them during this week. We will be distributing more information and posters shortly.



As you would be aware, during term two, our Laboratory Technicians met weekly to discuss the current situation of the Lab Tech staffing formula.

This formula is outdated and does not reflect the current needs of schools. As per the last PSUWA negotiations, we flagged this issue with the DoE and we now have the opportunity to review the formula and engage with the DoE.

If you have any questions, or would like to give us your feedback, please contact Mandy

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