We have had some enquiries from Support Staff in relation to working an additional four days this year, given that Term 4 is 11 weeks in duration.

The DoE Circ. Memo  HR8/2016 , reproduced in part below, provides the explanation that the default position is that additional paid days (including for those with annualised salaries) is already in place or that, by arrangement at school level, Support Staff who do not wish to work the last four days can request for that to occur.

In the memo wording, ‘Administrative staff’ includes TA Support Staff”

…..clarification has been required in relation to the date on which the working year will end for administrative staff who work 40 or 42 weeks per year given the final day of attendance for students and teaching staff. Accordingly, the following additional details are provided.

The term dates for students in 2016 are as follows:

Term 1           Wednesday 3 February to Friday 8 April

(The Easter break will extend from Friday 25 March to Tuesday 29 March inclusive)

Term 2           Tuesday 26 April to Friday 1 July

Term 3           Tuesday 19 July (Monday 18 July student free day) to Friday 23 September

Term 4           Monday 10 October to Wednesday 21 December (this may vary for each college)

As a result of the final day for Term 4, administrative staff employed on a 40 or 42 week per year basis will conclude on Thursday, 22 December 2016 and not Friday, 16 December 2016, as previously advised. This will result in up to an additional four days of work in 2016 or 40.8 and 42.8 weeks respectively.

It is expected that the majority of 40 or 42-week staff will voluntarily elect to work up to the additional four days. In circumstances where this is not the case schools are to make appropriate internal arrangements to ensure that any necessary tasks are undertaken, including engaging relief staff. The costs for up to an additional four days will be funded centrally.