Reminder: with new timetables and new students to work with, it’s time to check you are receiving the correct your entitlements!

Please remember if you are undertaking toileting duties or medical procedures, unlike previous years, you must apply for this allowance yourself (form found on DoE Intranet) Before doing so, please check your pay slip or with your SBM to confirm if you are getting these allowances already.

Find out more below, what allowances are you entitled to?


President’s Wrap

Welcome back!

While 2020 is set to be an exciting year for AEU members, with great wins from new agreements to be rolled out in every sector, it hasn’t quite started as well for me. I’ve been unwell (it’s not Corona!) for the last few weeks.

I’m looking forward to getting through to the other end of this illness and getting back to work, rolling out the wins for members across the state.

Our AEU Tasmanian Branch State Manager Roz Madsen gave notice last year that she is resigning from that role, her last day will be 9th March. We haven’t slowed down at all coming back from the Christmas break though, with new staff beginning and members of EBA implementation working groups getting ready to have their first meeting in the next couple of weeks.

Please join me in welcoming our new staff members:

  • Ruby Clifford, who has gone from a trainee position and reception wiz to Membership Officer.
  • Steve Smith, leading the Member Support Team as our new Senior Industrial Advocate.
  • Leeanne Clifford, bringing new energy and passion to the Southern Organiser role along with 25 years experience as a teacher, teacher assistant and AEU member.

I’m also very pleased to welcome back John O’Rourke as Principal Organiser for 2020, he has made some great strides with principal members in 2019 and I’m sure members will be pleased to see that work continue this year.


Union win – medical procedure allowance to be paid for EpiPen

A big win for our Northern Support School Support Staff – 30 or so people all up.

The medical procedure allowance clause lists EpiPen on the list of procedures the allowance is for. As support staff know, the EpiPen is not a regularly administered procedure, if at all.

A support staff Rep approached organiser Kathryn Lee and inquired as to whether they should get medical procedure allowance for EpiPen and in consultation with our industrial team, it was decided to pursue it on the basis that it is listed in the policy.

Support staff are trained in using the EpiPen, another reason why it was felt strongly that the allowance should be paid.

With support from the union, the member asked the question and was told all TA’s at NSS will now be receiving the EpiPen allowance!

There is still work to do on getting ‘medical grade gloves’ not ‘food grade gloves’ (yes there is big difference), and hand sanitiser, but it’s a great win for members – congratulations!


Toileting Allowance

All Support Staff undertaking regular toileting and/or showering a student are entitled to the toileting allowance.

Unfortunately, a kinder TA is not automatically entitled to this allowance, but we would strongly recommend applying for it.


Specialised Health Care Allowance

(A review of this procedure will begin this year as a result of the PSUWA negotiations and if you have any feedback or recommendations it would be greatly appreciated)

Paid to Support Staff who have volunteered to perform medical procedures, complete with appropriate training (undertaken in paid time, before commencement of procedures and funded by DoE).

Examples of medical procedures are (but not limited to):

  • Catheterization
  • use of rectal Diazepam/Midazolam
  • injection of medication in an emergency (e.g. severe allergic reaction)
  • use of gastronomy tube
  • suctioning and use of a suction catheter
  • resuscitation
  • administration of oxygen
  • tracheostomy care
  • blood and urine testing
  • administration of oral glucose or sugar,
  • stoma care
  • peg feeding
  • changing colostomy bags


First Aid Allowance

If more than one person is designated First Aid Officer and the person called to administer First Aid, then all must receive the allowance.

A school may nominate a First Aid officer (training to be provided at cost to school)


Camp Allowance & Time Off in Lieu (TOIL)

Support Staff required to attend camp is to be paid an allowance for each overnight stay. If you are required to carry a tent and equipment you are entitled to a higher rate than the usual camp allowance, meals inclusive. If you must provide your own meals, then a meal allowance is also claimable.

Support Staff often attend camp on days not normally worked. You should negotiate TOIL in recognition of this before agreeing to attend camp and then take the leave at a mutually agreed time at a later date.

Fact sheet with more information on all allowances found here


Option to work extra two weeks (42 weeks)

The additional two weeks can be worked any time during the year, including school holidays.

Although tasks can be allocated according to your school needs, we would recommend that this be a flexible working arrangement.

+ One Week (43 weeks)

This additional week of hours is to be worked during term time at a time best suited to providing extra support for students.

These hours can only be worked Monday-Friday between normal working hours, during term time

If you wish and are eligible to work these additional hours you need to complete the Additional Week of Hours form which is retained by the school to assist in managing the process.

You cannot be refused to work this additional two/three weeks


Annualised salary

All Support Staff who work 40-43 weeks can annualise their salary. This means your fortnightly take home pay is less as it will be spread across 52 weeks.

You can still work additional/top up hours on top of your annualised hours, but this will require your SBM to process a manual payment through the relief data entry system in SAWM.

Previously, a grant of leave without pay to a TA extinguished the continuation of annualised pay and those who chose to annualise salary could not vary their work hours. They are now able to work additional hours and have the flexibility to ‘suspend’ the return to an ‘annualised’ salary until the commencement of the calendar year following a leave without pay period.

Click here for a fact sheet with more information


Fixed Term Employees Seeking Permanency

There have been some significant changes in the way Support Staff can access permanent employment in recent years.

Previously Support Staff could apply for a direct conversion after certain requirements were met. (e.g. working two years without a break in contract)

Fact sheet with more information found here


Changed your work arrangements?

Notify us now!

If anything about your work arrangements has changed such as your hours, or you’re taking maternity leave, or you’re retiring soon then you must let us know straight away so we can make appropriate amendments to your membership subscription payments.

Have you changed schools or added hours from another school?

There are several quick and easy ways to let us know about any changes to your circumstances:

Call us Mon to Fri, 8.30am to 5pm, on 6234 9500 or 1800 001 313  (free call outside Hobart)


Click here to complete a short online form on our website