Progress with Support Staff agreement negotiations has been glacial and that’s why you haven’t seen a blizzard of emails from us on the topic.

It’s a similar story with TAFE Teacher negotiations also – the government has been dragging its heels on this as well as the PSUWA. At this stage there isn’t another PSUWA negotiating meeting in the diary.

Just a reminder, as background, that Support Staff are not covered by the Teachers Agreement, and we appreciate that a lot of focus has been on the teachers lately but that has been because of progress with negotiations.

The Public Sector Union Wages Agreement (PSUWA) covers our AEU Support Staff but also thousands of other public sector workers who are members of other unions and a party to this agreement – they include HACSU, CPSU and United Voice.

PSUWA negotiations are therefore, by necessity, done as a part of a broad coalition of unions. We (the AEU) will continue negotiations with a strong focus on addressing support staff issues such as increased Toileting and Medical Procedures Allowances for Teacher Assistants, TOIL days in lieu of public holidays, and an improved staffing allocation formula for Laboratory Technicians (nb. we recently had a win on that – see separate story in this edition of eReporter).