From DoE Industrial Relations:

As part of the negotiations for the Public Sector Unions Wages Agreement 2019, a new provision has been included in the Tasmanian State Service Award (TSSA) which provides for paid Time Off In Lieu (TOIL) for school support staff who work 40 or 42 weeks per year for public holidays which occur during school holidays.

The new entitlement provides for a maximum of 9 public holidays per year through a combination of the public holidays paid during school terms and TOIL.

Example – An employee is paid for 7 public holidays during term time. This leaves a balance of 2 days to be taken as an entitlement to TOIL. This example is for an employee who works each day of the week.

It should be noted that the entitlement for TOIL for part time employees who do not work each day of the week only accrues where public holidays fall on days the employee would normally work.

The TSSA states that TOIL days are to be taken on student free days or at another time agreed between the Principal and the employee. Because medical credentialing training has already been organised for the student free days in Support Schools it will not be possible for employees to take accrued TOIL on student free days for the remainder of 2020.

Therefore, for the remainder of 2020, employees will be paid the equivalent of the TOIL entitlement through a payment for additional hours to the equivalent value of the TOIL.

Example – an employee who works 5 hours per day and has 2 days TOIL entitlement for 2020 will be paid 10 additional hours.  

Please Note – if an employee does not wish to receive an additional hours payment for the TOIL entitlement, the taking of TOIL will be arranged at a time agreed between the Principal and the employee. If you do not wish to be paid additional hours for accrued TOIL you will need to advise your Principal by close of business 3 July 2020.  

Consultation has occurred with the AEU and CPSU in relation to the above.

Details of any additional hours payment for accrued TOIL will be included on each employee’s pay advice.

These arrangements are in place for 2020 and will be reviewed for 2021 and beyond in consultation with staff, AEU and CPSU.