The Stop TAFE Cuts campaign is ramping up again with the activities of the private for profit VET sector continuing to undermine TAFE colleges and tarnish the reputation of the whole VET sector.

Reports of private, ‘for profit’ providers having their registrations cancelled and qualifications being withdrawn leaving thousands of students in the lurch have continued throughout the summer period.

Every TAFE in Australia is suffering – including in Tasmania.

Ongoing funding cuts and the threat of a Federal takeover could spell the end of our world-class TAFE system.

We need to call on governments – both state and federal – to stand up for our TAFE system.

Will you join us, and sign our petition?

We think there is a fundamental problem with allowing any government funding to go to ‘for-profit’ providers.  We think that as a matter of urgency governments should support their TAFE colleges by:

  • Guaranteeing a minimum of 70% government VET funding to go to TAFE;
  • Suspending the operation of the student loan scheme (VET FEE HELP) pending a thorough review;
  • Suspending the registration of any new private providers;
  • Developing and implementing strong regulation and monitoring all private colleges.

These steps will call a halt to the current crisis, help to protect the whole VET sector, and ensure TAFE can continue to provide quality vocational education and opportunity to students, employers and communities into the future.

It’s time for us to demand an end to TAFE cuts – take action now.