Roz Madsen, AEU Tasmania Branch State Manager, said:

“We were extremely puzzled by the Education Minister’s statements via the media today given that the last formal negotiating meeting with the Department of Education was on 22nd October and there was absolutely no movement from them on pay or workload.

“The only formal offer from the Government for school teachers would increase workload and administrative tasks and relegate our most experienced teachers to lowest paid in Australia.

“We have just been advised that the government has scheduled a formal negotiating meeting for tomorrow morning which we look forward to but also note that the Minister has said on radio that the 2% pay offer is ‘set in stone’.

“The Government is not negotiating in good faith if it comes to the table with a pre-determined outcome on salary.

“Teachers on the AEU negotiating team will be excused from classes to attend the bargaining meeting tomorrow and we hope that the Government this time comes prepared with a serious offer.

“Meanwhile, we are also in negotiations for agreements covering TAFE teachers and Support Staff who have similar workload and pay issues.” 

Further information:
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Harriet Binet, AEU Tasmania, 0427 841 760

Download Media Statement here (PDF)