State Election wrap

Campaigning for public education, including the push to save TasTAFE, ramped up when another snap government announcement was called – the 2021 State Election.

As teachers and school staff prepared to jump into Term 2, the AEU was busy preparing to launch the State Election ‘Vote for Public Education’ campaign.

Election candidates were surveyed regarding their stance on public education funding and TasTAFE, with the Union endorsing hopefuls who pledged to fully fund schools and oppose TasTAFE privatisation.

We approached all 113 state election candidates asking about their views on key public education policy areas.

It was found that 60 candidates supported our schools, colleges and TAFE.

This information was collated onto a website – – giving voters, unsure on who to support, a clear outlook on the candidates who valued public education.

The AEU’s State Election stance was not party-political – candidates were endorsed based on their support for public education, not their political backgrounds or party alignment.

While the Election result was disappointment for public education – with the same Liberal Government that has chronically underfunded schools and plans to privatise TasTAFE returned – the AEU campaign contributed to a close overall result, the election of independent MP Kristie Johnston in Clark, increasing voter awareness on public education issues and put all candidates on notice.

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