Tasmanian public schools will be denied $85 million in Gonski funds in the next two years if the Turnbull Government’s plan passes through the Senate as predicted tomorrow, the AEU said today.

Helen Richardson, AEU Tasmania President, said:

If the Government legislation goes through the Senate tomorrow then it will be a very dark day for Tasmanian public education and lock-in underfunding of our schools for six years or more.”

“Turnbull’s plan rips up Tasmania’s signed Gonski agreement and denies our public schools $85 million of Gonski funds in the next two years, as well as locking in the worst school funding growth rate of any state.

“Tasmanian Senators who support this Bill will need to explain to parents and teachers why class sizes are growing, why there aren’t enough teacher assistants or specialists and literacy and numeracy programs to meet the needs of every student.

“Senators who support Turnbull’s plan need to realise they will be complicit in entrenching disadvantage in our state and rob a generation of kids the educational lift they need for a bright future.

“Tasmania has high quality teachers, support staff and principals and research shows that lack of resources is the problem and our signed 6-year Gonski agreement is the only plan in place to deliver the funding schools need.”

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