Rockliff Government chooses school closures over in-class support

Students and teachers will continue to be denied the in-class support needed to improve learning outcomes, with the Rockliff Government instead choosing to close schools and colleges this Friday.

Australian Education Union Tasmania President David Genford said the Rockliff Government today showed its true value for Tasmania’s public education system, opting to lock students out of classes instead of providing the resources needed to lift learning.

“The Rockliff Government has let down every student and educator by ignoring the calls of teachers, parents and community groups to fix Tasmania’s worsening education crisis by providing the in-class support solutions our schools and colleges desperately need,” he said.

“Because of the Liberal Government’s refusal to act, our state’s education system will continue to lag behind the rest of the nation, unable to provide the same level of opportunity or quality of learning for our students.

“Teachers made it clear that stop work action will continue – and ramp up – until real in-class support solutions are implemented.

“No Government spin can hide the fact that Tasmania’s severely neglected education system needs serious investment – but unfortunately that won’t happen unless teachers stand up and take action.”

The Rockliff Government’s announcement to close public schools and colleges from 1pm on Friday follows 18 months of educator pressure on the State Government to lift learning for all students by investing in in-class support solutions.

Mr Genford said AEU teacher members are prepared for stop work action on Friday and again in the future until proper in-class support measures are presented.

“Tasmania’s teachers go above and beyond every day for their students, but the reality is, when teachers are burnt out, they cannot provide students with the quality of instruction they need,” he said.

“Teachers are quitting in record numbers due to untenable working and learning environments so devoid of resources that they cannot do their job properly. We need the Rockliff Government to wake up and provide in-class support measures as a matter of urgency.

“If they don’t, educators stand ready to continue fighting for the better future Tasmania’s students deserve.”