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Workplace Representatives (Reps) are essential to the effective operation of your union. Reps are the link between members in the workplace, the union’s decision-making bodies, and between workplaces.

Being an AEU Rep means that you support Union values and want to contribute to building a fair and just society. You understand that the way to do this is by building power in our Union. A central part of this is recruiting and organising members at your workplace. 

Reps have an important role to play in encouraging participation in campaigns, as well as empowering and educating members about union initiatives. 

Why be a Rep?

The Rep is the first point of contact for AEU members seeking information about workplace issues, conditions and entitlements. Reps form a network of links amongst other Reps as well as with the AEU’s staff and elected positions. 

The AEU offers training, advice and mentoring to help you every step of the way.

Why be a Rep?

Reps have the right to 5 days paid leave every calendar year to attend training and participate in union activities. You also have the right to reasonable paid time  to perform your role - meaning your employer must work with you to adjust workload or provide coverage where necessary - including paid releif to access your leave! Being a rep gives you opportunities to develop skills and experience in leadership, negotiation and conflict resolution.

Why be a Rep?

The AEU offers mentoring, advice and hands-on support for our reps. Our teams in Devonport Launceston and Hobart are your first port-of-all There is also a two-day AEU Workplace reps conference, held annually. Shorter training for small groups or individuals is also available, as well as online information and training opportunities. 

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The following are a few of the protected industrial rights of AEU Workplace Reps under your Award. If your employer fails to comply with any of the following we can enforce your rights by notifying the Tasmanian Industrial Commission, so let us know immediately!
5 days paid leave per year for union activities

All AEU Workplace Reps (except TasTAFE members) are entitled to an additional 5 days paid leave for union business. This covers everything from participating in union training, events, campaign activities, or spending a day in your nearest AEU office working with our team to improve mapping or plan action for your workplace! Make sure you use all 5 days each year!

Workplace Reps have the right (protected under your Award) to receive up-to-date staff lists for all employees in your workplace. This is the single most important tool in your rep toolkit – it should include all relevant information about hours of work and workplace contact information. <p>

Your employer failing or refusing to provide this information is a breach of the Award, so if you experience any issues let us know ASAP by contacting us at or by calling (03) 6234 9500!

Your employer must provide access to facilities to perform your role including:

In addition to your right to paid relief to use your rep leave, as well as reasonable paid time at work to perform your role, the AEU also supports reps to run union events in the workplace!

Reps are encouraged to hold union functions once a term at your workplace e.g. school, TAFE campus or College to raise the profile of your union’s presence.

If you’re planning an event, you can claim $5.00 per current AEU member in your workplace to cover the costs of food and non-alcoholic drinks once per term. If your workplace has 11 members or less your function allowance will be $60.00. Apply now!

Get trained and get started!

The first step for all new reps is to get up to speed on the skills and tools necessary to being the best rep you can be! We run regular training for reps where you’ll learn about our union’s history, campaigns, how to have more effective conversations in the workplace, as well as how to map your workplace to start building union.

Speaking to your colleagues and encouraging them to join the union is how we grow our collective voice, strength and impact. That’s how we continue to build and deliver improvements to wages and conditions year after year.

Talk to your colleagues and new staff to tell them about the benefits of joining – and remind them that all the conditions  they benefit from were fought for and won by union members like you!

Reps are the voice of the union at work – your role is to ensure members are receiving union updates, as well as being kept in the loop about changes at work. You’ll also keep in touch with our head office so our team are aware of changes and can offer you advice, resources and support! 

You’re entitled to share workplace information, including staff list, meeting notes and change proposals with the union’s head office – it’s also critical to ensure we can get timely and relevant information to members and potential members. 

Being a rep opens you up to new professional skills and experiences, which can open up new opportunities to take your career forward! The Tasmanian Government recognises the role reps play in improving communication, safety, and enforcing agreements in public schools and other government workplaces, which is why your Award says you should notify your employer of the skills acquired and their relevance for the evaluation of performance and salary progression. 

Reps are the voice of the union at work – which means your actions should reflect the values of our shared movement. Since your role gives you access to workplace information and including staff lists, you must agree to our Privacy Policy to ensure members and non-members can be confident this information will be used appropriately and not shared with anyone other than union representatives. The AEU has a zero tolerance policy towards discrimination, harassment and abuse. 

Each workplace is an AEU sub-branch which is active, influential and supportive to the elected decision-making body.

Active sub-branches are crucial to the effectiveness of your union.

Members in sub-branches should meet regularly to provide a forum to raise workplace issues, learn about rights and entitlements, receive the latest about campaigns and have the opportunity to influence decision-making in the workplace and within the union itself. 

Get started!

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