Reps Super Team

New Norfolk High School’s Reps Committee is making workplace support a team effort.

The Derwent Valley school’s Reps Committee consists of two teacher reps, a support staff rep and a women’s rep. The team also has a health and safety and new educator representative.

“We find with a Reps committee we’re able to share the workload around and everyone takes on their own role within their area of interest or expertise,” workplace Rep Mark Kingsley said.

“It allows us to contribute, in a broader sense, on general ideas and strategy.

“While we do have differences of opinions at times, we do try to form our decisions on consensus so it’s not just one person forming plans.

Mark – who was this year awarded AEU South Rep of the Year – was praised for his committee leadership.

“It’s been really good working alongside Reps that have passion pushing issues and making sure things are fair and right and Mark’s a really good advocate for New Norfolk High School staff,” Committee member and teacher Reid Barry said.

“He’s not scared of going to the top and asking for help or putting solutions on the table to help staff here, which is awesome.”

Reid said: “the best part about having a large team, is you’re not reliant on one person, so it doesn’t stall things”.

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