Our campaign is building momentum already and politicians are feeling the heat!

They’ve been keen to meet with us and we’re talking to them about what you need in order to provide a Quality Education for All.

Labor Opposition leader Bec White and Green’s Leader Cassie O’Connor have agreed to attend our Branch Council on Monday to talk about their vision for education and to answer your questions. Will Hodgman is yet to confirm…

But we must keep ramping up the pressure – that’s why we’ve planned a Quality Education “Week of Action” from 4 to 8 December.

Reps have been sent a Week of Action ‘campaign pack’ and have been asked to talk to you about  choosing a day and a collective action to take – it might be something as simple as wearing a Quality Education for All sticker.

The important thing is that you all wear the stickers (or take the collective action) on the same day and send us photos (support@aeutas.org.au with the name of your workplace).

Talk to your Rep now and help plan an activity at your workplace for the Week of Action – 4 to 8 December.

Together we can win a Quality Education for all!

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