It has been a stellar few months for the Quality Education for All campaign.

We have been hitting the headlines, meeting with politicians and holding events to collect photos, videos and petition sign-ups all around the state. See all the photos and videos on our Facebook page and the Week of Action here on flickr.

Congratulations to those of you who have signed the pledge, talked about the campaign, held events and been in photos and videos. If you haven’t already signed the pledge – hop onto the webpage now and add your name to the growing Quality Education team.

Politicians are listening – we’ve met with Labor Leader Rebecca White and her team and Greens Leader Cassy O’Connor. We are still seeking a meeting with the Premier Will Hodgman, so far to no avail.

Education is such an important issue we believe every party leader should want to meet with educators and their representatives to hear firsthand the importance of delivering the additional staff and other resources needed in schools and TAFE for a quality education.

We invited all Party leaders to attend our Branch Council meeting in Launceston a short while ago – watch the video here to see who turned up and what they said.

Have a great Christmas break and see you again in the New Year as we ramp-up the campaign ahead of the March state election.  Together we can win this.