Put up a “YES” corflute

Why displaying a “YES” corflute or poster is more important than you might think

Are you looking for a way to make a big impact on the Voice to Parliament campaign? Displaying a corflute could be the answer you’re looking for! By displaying a “YES” corflute, you’re showing your support for your AEU’s First Nations members and projecting confidence in the success of this important referendum.

Corflutes are an effective political communications tool, and research has shown that they can positively influence recognition and localised social pressure. In other words, displaying a “YES” corflute creates the impression that “people in my community are all voting Yes”. This can be a powerful influence on undecided voters or those who may be swayed by local signals about voting intention.

You may have already seen “YES” corflutes popping up in your local community, but it’s important that we continue to normalise and project confidence in the “YES” vote. Given the misinformation campaign from the “NO” camp and the media’s interest in reporting a close race, it’s essential that we stand visibly with our First Nations members and work hard to achieve a positive outcome.

Order your corflute from your AEU’s brand new online store, and pick it up from your local AEU branch today! Let’s show Australia that we’re on the right side of history!