Beginning in 2014, your AEU campaigned for and won a 3 year agreement with DoE for Support Staff to receive an additional day of Time Off In Lieu (TOIL) where Easter holidays fell in the first term holiday period.

The agreement covered the years 2014, 2015 and 2017 where the Easter holidays fell in the first week of the holidays. This year is unique because Easter falls in the second week of the holiday break, along with ANZAC Day. Later in the year some regional holidays also fall in a holiday break, meaning many Support Staff are losing as many as five days of pay this year.

AEU members saw this coming and included TOIL days compensation for lost pay due to Easter and ANZAC public holidays falling in the term break in our log of claims.

We will keep fighting for this important claim, together with all AEU members, in our Quality Education EB campaign.

Unfortunately, because the agreement only covered the three years and has now expired before the Government has managed to deliver a new public sector agreement – Support Staff are losing up to 5 days pay with no TOIL compensation.

This is unacceptable. It highlights yet again the lack of respect and recognition this Liberal Government shows education staff.

As they say, don’t just get angry – organise! We are in the middle of our Quality Education EB campaign and now is the time to get involved and sign up Support Staff colleagues who are not yet members of the AEU.

We are stronger in union and TOIL compensation for lost pay due to public holidays in term breaks will be a key part of the campaign for AEU Support Staff members.

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In union,

Mandy Jackson

Australian Education Union – Tasmania Branch
Deputy Branch President – Education Support Personnel ESP/Support Staff
Branch Councillor
Workplace Representative – Hellyer College